Yas Waterworld
What's It Really Like?

Yas Waterworld on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi is the newest water park in the UAE. Advertised as the most exciting water park in Abu Dhabi it has 43 rides, slides and attractions. We've checked it out to see if it is worth a visit.


When driving up to it, this Yas Island water park appears fairly small. You might start to wonder what you will do for a whole day. 

The smallness is an illusion. It is compact and extremely well designed. There are plenty of things to keep everyone happy. Four 'thrill' levels help you to identify what you might like.


TOP TIP: Check the website before you go for what rides are closed for maintenance. The cashier will tell you before you pay what is closed but once you're there it's hard to go home. There are no discounts or compensation of any sort so don't expect any (although it's always worth asking!).

After parking in the spacious car park (the earlier you get there the shorter your walk to the entrance) there is a fairly efficient entry system.

Bags are searched for food/drink which is not allowed in. If you have kids or babies however you can take things for them.

You do need to take towels which are not provided unless you pay for  a private cabana.

You then pay or collect your tickets which are in the form of wristbands. You need to attach these and keep them on for your whole visit. 

Preloaded Wristband Cash

Your entry wristband can be pre loaded with money so you don't have to carry cash around inside. It saves finding cash to pay for food etc but money is not refundable if unused.

Discount Yas Waterworld

  • Look out for deals for discount Yas Waterworld entry. The official website sometimes offers discounts (eg buy 3 get another free). 
  • Alternatively The Entertainer voucher book offers great buy one get one free entry deals. Abu Dhabi Entertainer has 3 entry vouchers and in 2013 the Dubai Entertainer also had 3. Each voucher can save you 235dhs.
  • Another way to visit is via a hotel deal. The hotels on Yas Island, Saadiyat Island and Abu Dhabi itself often include tickets to Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World. This can save you plenty.
  • When you are buying your tickets also consider if you want to visit Ferrari World. While you may not get the discounts suggested above you will save about 100dhs each if you buy a Yas Park Pass rather than individual tickets for each attraction.

Sun Loungers/ Cabanas

Find a base to put your stuff. There are lockers available to keep valuables (at a cost) but sun loungers are free and plentiful.

If you really want to relax in style then there are cabanas available that offer privacy and peace. Available for 4 or 6 people you get water and towels included. These are a good option for when the park is busy.

Now, where do you start at Yas Waterworld?

For babies, young children and those who are less than 1.1m tall

The kids play areas are multiple and extremely well designed.

There is a 'Tot's Playground' with 2 parts. One with extremely shallow water, a small slide and swings. Tiny tots love this.

A second part has lots of bigger slides. Water guns and mini dump buckets provide more entertainment. Grown ups are welcome to slide with the kids so it is a fabulous place to help with water confidence.  Lifeguards are watching all the time.

For slightly older or the more adventurous there is 'Yehal', a small adventure play ground. A dump bucket provides squeals and entertainment but isn't so strong you need to worry.

Finally there is the biggest play ground 'Marah Fortress'. 

Slides, dump buckets, water sprays and rope bridges combine to create an adventure for kids of all ages. There is plenty of spray and it is impossible to stay even slightly dry. 

One point to note:

There are 2 rivers - one lazy and one wavy! 

The wavy river 'Yadi Yas' is fun but only suitable for confident swimmers and even then if they are young kids then we'd suggest a buoyancy aid just in case. They are freely available, well fitting and comfortable.

An alternative for young kids is the big pool/beach 'Amwaj' which is beautifully slope. It has waves at regular intervals so do watch out.

There is also 'Al Raha River', a lazy river where kids can float around in double rings with grown ups. However as the river water is reasonably deep it is only really suitable for children who can swim even if they wear one of the buoyancy aids freely available.

Over 1.1m tall and looking for a little more "Mooving and Grooving" adventure at Yas Waterworld

'Sand Viper Strike' and 'Sidewinder' are 2 rides of the 6 snake ring rides. Fun but not too intense, the other 4 rides are faster/scarier! You can go alone or try a double.

'Cannon Point' and 'Water Wars' offer alternatives to rides. At 'Cannon Point' you can fire on riders of 'Bandit Bomber', the roller coaster. Beware, they have cannons too! At 'Water Wars' a group of friends can have fun throwing water filled balloons!

Exciting Adventure

Thrill level 3 "Exciting" at  Yas Waterworld is not for the faint of heart. We had a hard time distinguishing some of the rides from the adrenaline pumping thrill level 4 'extreme'.

  • 'Falcon's Falaj '- a 6 person ride that keeps you hanging on right to the end this is a fun ride if you like to be a bit scared!
Bandit Bomber at Yas Waterworld
  • 'Sebag' - race your friends headfirst on a tiny mat round bends and down the slope. One of our favorites!
  • 'Serpent Spin', 'Slither Alley', 'Slither Surprise' and 'Snake's Tail' - these more exciting snake ring rides will keep you coming back for more.
  • 'Bandit Bomber' - a suspended roller coaster in your swimming costume. The idea is odd but works brilliantly as you get surprise water dumps and drips along with roller coaster thrills.

For The True Thrill Seeker

'Liwa Loop' - waiting alone in a tiny tube for the floor to drop out from under your feet it terrifying. And that is before you get turned upside down so fast you're the right way up before you realize what happened. Although it feels a little too like being flushed down the toilet this ride lives up to expectations. Just remember to relax and let your head stay back - your neck will thank you later.

Possibly slightly less terrifying are:

  • 'Hamlool's Humps' - fast and furious you will return again and again.
  • 'Jebel Drop' - straight down, this ride lives up to it's 'extreme' rating.
  • 'Dawama' - another 6 person raft ride via a 20 metre high funnel. This ride is lots of fun.
Yas Waterworld Jebel Drop and more

And finally, if you want to be much much more active

'Rush Rider' - an endless sheet wave that is great to begin flow boarding and surfing on. It does take patience and endless wipeouts but we saw an 8 year old master body boarding in 10 minutes.

'Bubbles' Barrel' - a 3 metro high wave this is the world's largest surf-able sheet wave. Only those over 1.2m can try flow boarding but those over 1.1m can try body boarding. It's worth mastering 'Rush Rider' before attempting this. 

Both 'Rush Rider' and 'Bubbles' Barrel' are very physical and demanding. You have been warned (the guy on the right is wiping out!).


When it all gets too much then there are places to eat offering a variety of foods to suit most tastes. Fish fingers or butter chicken curry, smoothies or salads. You may have to look around to find what you want as not every place serves everything. Luckily it isn't too far to walk between food vendors and the mist cooled paths are ok to walk on even in the heat of summer.

The prices are relatively reasonable but still not cheap so be prepared. Drinks are also not cheap at 5-10dhs each but there are free drinking water points around the park. 


If it all gets too much then retreat into the air conditioned cool of the mini Souk. There is a Yas Waterworld shop to get souvenirs of every variety and a few other shops to spend a little time. The staff are helpful and keen. We were given free samples when we expressed interest.

Yas Waterworld = Fabulous

We love

  • All the options for kids but that there is plenty for grownups too.
  • The lifeguards and buoyancy aids everywhere.
  • The mist cooled walkways and chilled ride water in the summer.
  • The smiling staff and happy lifeguards.

We didn't love

  • Bag searches on the way in.
  • High price of water.

Overall it is safe to say that we loved Yas Waterworld and will return whenever we get the chance. 

For those living in Abu Dhabi a year long pass is definitely something to consider. Going for a few quiet hours in the morning will be worth it. 

For those visiting  then don't miss this incredible Yas Island Waterpark.  

Yas Waterworld really is the most fun and exciting water park in the United Arab Emirates.

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