Natural Living Tips For Beginners

Hello and welcome to natural living tips for beginners at Naturoler! Follow our tips below to start your natural living journey.

Before you start however, consider, what is natural living?

Natural living means different things to different families. To some it means reducing digital screen time in kids and eating only organic food or maybe just less processed food. Maybe it means taking responsible holidays and contributing more to the environment or maybe reducing clutter and living more in the moment.

At Naturoler we define natural living as living in a more natural way. By that we mean living more simply. We aim to use less in the way of chemicals, preservatives, additives or processing.

In the day to day this means using less manmade products such as plastic and polyester and therefore using more natural products such as wood, glass, cotton and silk. It means eating less processed food and more whole unadulterated foods. It means being surrounded by less stuff but loving everything we do have. Doing less but enjoying it more.

For our children it means raising them to be mindful of the joy in the everyday (which comes naturally to them!) and showing them how to be aware of the environment around them. We want them to learn discernment so that as they grow they are able to confidently make informed choices, to show grace and to respect everyone and everything around them. No biggies then!  

For every family there is a different part of natural living that is most important to them.

Now if you are new to natural living it may seem like a daunting task to look at and address every aspect of your lives. There are a whole lot of things that you can change. Don’t worry and only do one thing at a time!

Natural Living Tips - Start By Thinking About:

  1. Food - what you eat, when you eat, how you eat it - maybe aim to reduce sugar!
  2. Time Management - look at what you are doing and decide if you and the kids are doing too much, too little or just right - do anyone need to slow down? maybe do less activities and have more time to just play and reflect.
  3. Screen time needs vs wants - how much is too much?
  4. Talking time - does everyone in the family talk? is everyone heard? consider the importance of family meals.
  5. Stuff’ - being surround by clutter (even if you don’t consider it clutter) is stressful.

Don't change anything yet though!

Where we live/what we breathe, what we buy and where, essential oils, natural cleaners, meditation (the benefits have been proven but is it a practical option for everyone), ethical clothes, ecotourism are all luxuries that come once we have a sound stable base and space to breathe.

Happy natural living family Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai -An alway improving natural living family!


  1. Improve Your Diet 
  2. Improve Family Relationships - try these 3 simple ideas
  3. Reduce Clutter - make space to breathe by reducing your ‘stuff’ AND your schedule!

1. Improve Your Diet

Look at what you eat and where you buy it from. Make these 6 simple changes:

Natural Living Tips: 6 Simple Steps To A Healthier Diet

  1. Make porridge for breakfast - low sugar and filling - instead of cereal
  2. Try buy some organic food
  3. Bake/make some healthier kids (and grownup!) snacks - start by cutting the sugar in a normal recipe - see here for more information
  4. Offer nuts/fruit/veg as a snack
  5. Don’t buy sugar filled snacks (then you’ll be forced to be more inventive!)
  6. Improve the quality of the meat you eat (and maybe eat less (eg 2-3 times per week instead of every day) to compensate for the higher price)

Once you’ve mastered these natural living tips (they will have the biggest impact on your diet) then start changing the recipes you use for dinner - making them healthier and increasing your fruit/veg intake - suggestions here.

If this seems a lot to start then don’t worry, start slowly (or there will be a revolt) and it will get easier with time. Some days will be good and some not so good, you will have meals that are rejected and meals that are loved but stay strong and know that you are doing your ‘job’ of providing healthy nutritious food and don’t stress if it takes time to be accepted. Follow these simple suggestions and you’ll find you should feel healthier.

2. Improve Family Relationships - 3 Simple Ideas

3. Reduce Clutter - A starting point!

Here at Naturoler we are trying to address all issues for the whole family so mind, body and soul. Basically if there is anything that can help to make the family unit stronger and each individual healthier and happier we will try to address it. And if we haven't done it already then just ask us to try!

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