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Hello and welcome!

My name is Nicole and I am an entrepreneur,  sometimes expat and stay at home mum, looking after my four daughters: ‘Fairy’, ‘Pixie’, ‘Sprite’ and 'Ellie'.

Before life at home I used to be a vet, primarily working with horses. I also treated cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, budgies, ducks and the odd swan!

Now I try to apply some of my training to research and figure out the minefield that is parenting in the modern age.  

I want to do everything I can to raise healthy kids - physically, emotionally and mentally. And this means being careful. 'Normal' is not necessarily right.

So I research.....everything! And I read.......a lot!

And every so often I think wouldn't it be nice if someone had done all this for me? Then I could make an informed choice without spending so much time doing it!

So this is me sharing what I've discovered so that you get more time to actually live!

Why bother?

In September 2013 we started homeschooling Fairy (then 4) and Pixie (then 3). It was never part of our expectations of having children. However, it has been a blessing. This alternative education option has opened my eyes to what else we currently accept as normal that may need changing.

Nicole Family


  • Real life and living every day in a purposeful way is extremely important. 
  • Technology is amazing but doesn’t replace real relationships. 
  • Not all food is good for you.
  • Chemicals abound and they may make us sick.
  • Play is central to how our children learn.
  • Children will learn what they need to know, when they need to know it.
  • We need less stuff than we think.
  • Buying with a conscience is possible.

Our family is now trying to live in a more natural, active and intentional life. With a whole load of travel thrown in.

We try to eat better, buy less (and more carefully) and do more (in a relaxed way!). 

Changing our eating ways has been the the hardest bit - kids (and grown ups!) love sugar. And it is everywhere. 

So then, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free anyone?!  And is this healthy? 

As you can imagine changing the way we live and the way we buy has been a huge thing that needed to be taken in steps. And it had to be steps because otherwise there would have been a full family revolt. None of us want to eat horrible tasteless food or feel like we are missing out!

Desert freedom in DubaiDesert freedom in Dubai

Like any family we have our good and our bad days, our exciting adventures and our definite disasters. I will share more good than bad but our family is definitely real. We have our fair share of lipstick on the sofa (a one off so far!), PJ days and meltdowns. I just don’t share it all!

I hope you enjoy browsing the site, find some awesome buys and get inspired. Please get in touch if you have any comments or ideas! xx

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