Halloween Recipes With Pictures

Easy Halloween recipes with pictures to help you decide what to make for your own fabulous party. These recipes are healthy with low/no sugar! They make for perfect finger food for Halloween parties or in the case of the cake like biscuits, are great as an every day snack (maybe minus the title!).

The choice:

Witches Fingers - Gluten Free, Dairy Free

The "Witches Fingers" are simple gluten free sweet bread/short bread type biscuits that can be eaten alone or dipped in 'blood' strawberry jam. It depends on how much you want to make your guests shudder! They are gluten free and can be dairy free. I have used coconut sugar to give extra sweetness but this could be omitted if you were using the jam dip.

Banana Pop Ghosts

The Banana Pop "Ghosts" are made using white chocolate to make them extra delicious. If you really needed them sugar free then simply bananas with chocolate chips would look extremely effective (if you did this then you would need to make them immediately before the party or dip them in apple juice before making so they didn't brown).

Healthy but gross halloween food -

Zombie Snot Biscuits - Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free and Dairy Free

The "Zombie Snot" Biscuits make for great gross Halloween food. They have a cookie shape and a cake like texture.  Kids and adults alike will have a good giggle as they eat them. And the best bit? they have a secret healthy ingredient (spinach if you can believe it!). They can be gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free. 

Healthy "Witches Fingers"

Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Low Sugar

These biscuits are fun to make. They do crack a bit which adds to the effect but using a simple gluten free flour is the cause.

Ingredients - Makes approx 20

  • 80g Butter (Cow, Goat or Coconut Butter)
  • 50g coconut suger
  • 300g Gluten Free Flour (I used this one)
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Paste
  • Mulberries or Almonds for the finger nails (approx 20)


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 C (170 C if fan assisted oven) (350 F). Grease or line two oven trays.
  2. Blend the butter in a food processor until fluffy. 
  3. Add the coconut sugar and blend until mixed in.
  4. Add the eggs to the butter/sugar mix and blend.
  5. Then add the flour and baking powder. Pulse lightly/blend until mixed.
  6. Using your hands remove approx 1 teaspoon full at time and shape into an approx finger shape (narrower at the nail end with a knuckle or two)
  7. Place onto oven tray.
  8. Continue to make fingers until all are made. If the mixture become sticky then place it in the fridge to harden up a little.
  9. Squash a mulberry between your fingers and add it to the end for a 'finger nail' appearance (Alternatively add the 'fingernails' after cooking by sticking them with jam but this might cause the fingers to break if not done gently)
  10. Cook for 7-10 minutes until just starting to brown at the edges.


Putting the mixture into the fridge before you try to shape it will mean it is easier to shape. I am a bit impatient and rarely do this but it will help!

Make sure you add the finger nails before cooking if you want them to stay stuck after cooking. Alternatively you could stick them on with a little red jam after cooking.

Not only do these finger meet the gross halloween food requirement, they are low sugar and gluten free. If you make them with mulberries for the fingernails then they are also nut free - perfect for any kids halloween party

Banana Pop Ghosts

These ghosts are fab! Not only do the taste delicious but they look fab. If you follow the tips below they are simple to make. Another one of our great Halloween recipes with pictures!

Ingredients - Makes 20

  • 10 Bananas
  • 150g White Chocolate for melting
  • Dark chocolate or milk chocolate chips - approx 70
  • Cake pop sticks/other sticks
  • A cake pop holder/cardboard box with holes punched through so the sticks can stand up - I find a pizza box is great but needs another base underneath to hold it off the table enough for the sticks to come through the second set of holes.
Halloween recipes with pictures - Banana Pop 'Ghosts'


  1. Place the bananas in the fridge for approx 1 hour before making.
  2. Peel the bananas.
  3. Slice into suitable ghost sizes - approx 1/3 to 1/2 of a banana per 'ghost' (the end of the banana is the top of the 'head'). If you are worried about creating potential phallic objects then 1/3 is much better! 
  4. Melt the chocolate by breaking the white chocolate into pieces in a mug/bowl and microwaving on low power (e.g. 360) for 90 seconds.
  5. Dip the end of the stick into the chocolate and then put into the 'bottom' end of the banana.
  6. Using a knife spread the chocolate over the banana including the bottom.
  7. Stick both eyes onto the chocolate and then put the mouth on inverting the chocolate chip.
  8. Place into holder and keep chilled in fridge until ready to serve.


It is possible to dip the whole part of the banana into the chocolate but then the eyes potentially slide and chocolate dribbles off. A basic covering of white chocolate with a knife is enough to look good and taste great. It uses minimal chocolate and best of all is super quick and easy to apply!


If you like the 'ghosts' but don't want white chocolate then:

  1. Chop the bananas as before.
  2. Add them onto the sticks then dip them in apple juice.
  3. Add the eyes/mouth using chocolate chips or raisons.

The final Halloween recipe with pictures can be found here:

Super healthy green "Zombie Snot" biscuits (or cookies!)

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