Christmas Gifts For Kids Checklist

Do your kids need a Christmas gifts for kids checklist?  This poem might help everyone in the family to choose their presents wisely - both those who are giving and those getting! Adults and kids!

Christmas Gifts For Kids ChecklistChristmas Gifts For Kids Checklist

How Will We Use This Christmas Gifts For Kids Checklist?

Well, I have fairly strong feelings on who gives what (see my 'why Santa doesn't give all the presents in our house' post) so we use this poem ((it is similar to the four present rule some family’s already use but far less confining) to help the kids think about what they'd like. 

They are free to ask for more than one thing on each suggestion but may not get everything. Pixie famously asked for a live deer one year so a visit to a deer sanctuary was a substitute!

And the something to share is normally one gift for the whole family to do, make or play together (last year it was a small telescope and the year before a family game (Labyrinth* which I highly recommend!)).

They then write a letter to Santa with some of the items and ask us (and anyone else who is likely to gift) for the others.

All I want for Christmas

The poem covers nearly every eventuality and gives them room to ask for pretty much anything. It gives them focus point for example they may decide a day out at a theme park would be more fun than another set of paints.

At the same time it stops us feeling like we need to spend spend spend and fill their lives with bits they don’t need or want. There will be a few surprises but they will be small things/food, nothing that clutters up our lives and our space. 

And it will reduce the chance of a longed for gift request getting ‘hidden’ from their parents (I well remember crying one Christmas day because I didn’t tell anyone I desperately wanted a bike!!).

All I Want For Christmas Checklist For Kids

Something I want,

Something I want to do,

Something I need,

Something to read,

Something to wear,

Something to share.

We balance the money so everyone gets roughly the same spent on them. Fairy, Pixie and Sprite and 9, 7 and 5 so at the moment the requests are fairly manageable but when they ask for bigger things then (as they write their lists), we do explain that other bits they are asking for need to be smaller. And they have (so far!) been ok with that (and yes they have asked for iPads, phones and TVs but Santa has yet to oblige :)).

If they want lots of fairly pricey things eg a new coat and a bike and a theme park trip, we’ll encourage them to ask their grandparents for things from this list as well.

Most importantly however, Santa does not completely fill their lives. He doesn’t get all the credit!!

The presents are carefully thought out and not overwhelming. And everything is loved. Christmas is about spending time as a family, family traditions, fun, food, games and laughter.

This Christmas, thanks for the Christmas gifts for kids checklist, my kids will be a getting a stocking with a few wanted presents from Santa (and the classic satsuma, nuts and chocolate) and other presents from mum and dad!

How will you be spending yours?

Christmas Gifts For Kids Checklist

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