The Famous Abu Dhabi Mosque:
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The most iconic Abu Dhabi Mosque is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

It welcomes visitors of all nationalities and denominations.

It is one of the most visited places in the UAE and a landmark of the capital city, Abu Dhabi.

First open for worship in 2007, it now has two functions:

  1. As a place of worship and prayer.
  2. As a place of education through visitor programs.


Anyone can visit the mosque. 

Children are welcome although they must be supervised.

  • This iconic Abu Dhabi mosque is open from 9am to 10pm Saturday to Thursday.
  • The mosque is closed for tourists (but open for worship) on Friday mornings (it reopens at 4.30pm until 11pm). 


If you want to learn about the mosque then take a tour, inside there are no visitor information plaques or similar. You will be able to see lots but not learn very much unless you read up and prepare before you arrive.


If you are a small group then you can walk through the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque on your own. This is a good option if you have children or don't want a guided tour.  

You will be clearly herded in the right direction at all times so there is no chance to get lost.  You will also have to walk around various tour groups.


If you would like to get a greater understanding of the Abu Dhabi Mosque, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, then a guided tour is definitely recommended. You will certainly learn far more than if you just walk through on your own. Although at times it may seem to drag on a little. The tours last 45-60 minutes and are run regularly by dedicated guides in English and Arabic. You can just turn up for the tours which run at approximately:

  • Sunday to Thursday 10am, 11am and 4.30pm
  • Friday 4.30p and 7pm
  • Saturday 10am, 11am, 2pm, 4.30pm and 7pm

Try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the official time to register your interest in this famous Abu Dhabi Mosque.

It is worth checking with the official website which is updated daily to be sure the tours are running if you want to take one. 


The mosque further serves to enhance culture and knowledge in Abu Dhabi via a comprehensive library. The library is open to readers and researchers to learn more about Islamic faith. Visitors welcome.


Try to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque twice. Once in the morning for a free guided tour when it is quiet and once in the evening to see this amazing grand mosque lit up. 

Before You Go

Make sure you are appropriately dressed. While the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is extremely tolerant there is a dress code.

  • Long, loose fitting, ankle length clothes for men and women are a must. Arms and legs should be fully covered.
  • No see through clothing.
  • No shorts or skirts.
  • No clothing with profanity
  • No tight clothing, swimwear or beachwear
  • Women must wear a headscarf so try to bring your own (any lightweight scarf will be fine, you just need to cover your hair).

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Points to Note

  • Dress appropriately
  • The grand mosque is smoke free both inside and outside
  • It is pet free - no animals allowed
  • No food or drink allowed - this is a place of worship after all.
  • Taking photos and videos for personal use is ok inside the mosque. Please don't take photos of anyone without their permission though or anyone praying.
  • No public displays of affection. As it true of the entire United Arab Emirates no hand holding, kissing etc in public.
  • Wheelchairs and special access can be arranged if required.

Getting There

Getting to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is easy.

  • Every taxi driver will know it - call 600535353 to book a taxi.
  • Bus - the closest bus station is approximately 10 minutes walk away. Buses run into the centre of town every 20-40 minutes and cost 1AED.
  • Car - follow signs from the major highways around the mosque to the South Gate carpark.  There is ample parking then follow everyone else to the entrance on the East side of the mosque. 
  • If you are taking a tour of the city then the mosque will certainly be on the agenda. In this case the tours will be organized specifically for your group.
  • The Abu Dhabi Big Bus Tour also stops: first bus is at 9.35am and last bus is at 5.35pm.

When You Arrive

When you arrive, make your way to the East side. Simply follow the signs and other people!

You will find the Mosque is quietest in the early morning but by afternoon will be busy (as is typical with most attractions in the UAE).


If you don't have the appropriate clothes in your suitcase don't worry. Women will be provided with an abaya (black gown) or similar and headscarf if necessary which they must wear to enter the mosque. Men may need to wear a thobe (white gown).

You will be able to stroll around the outide of the mosque and admire the architecture. If you want to enter the mosque you must check your dress and get additional covering if necessary. The security guards and guide will be happy to point you in the right direction. If they don't think that you are wearing appropriate clothing you will not be allowed entry until you are covered.

You can collect suitable clothing at the East entrance before you enter the famous Abu Dhabi mosque.

If you want to take a tour then tours start at the East side so look for 'Tour Starts Here' signs. Get any covering before the tour starts or you'll get left behind.

When you enter the main prayer hall of this Abu Dhabi mosque you will need to remove your shoes and leave them outside in the provided areas.

This Abu Dhabi Mosque should be on everyone's 'to do' list.  Take as much or as little as you want from it but we hope you enjoy it.  

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