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Before I had children, I imagined that I would breeze through my days – orderly breakfasts, cheerful goodbyes at the school gate, a fulfilling job to go to and healthy family dinners…. served on time. I sometimes think that we may be in sight of achieving these goals. And then I look around at the glitter-covered table, the unexpectedly empty fridge and the clock that I must set 10 minutes fast to get anyone to anything on time and I realise that we are not quite there yet!

Runa (dd) and Helios (ds) are currently 7 and 5 years old; happy little tornadoes with an appetite for both life and food. I don’t know how my mum managed with the huge family that I grew up in as I can barely keep up with just two! We love crafts and the outdoors and healthy food and using our imaginations. Housework takes a supporting role rather than main stage in our lives. 

Heather and her family

We lived in Iceland for 8 years where I did a PhD and worked in food, biotech and the marine industry. When we moved back to the UK, I spent two years working in medical communications – first in the field of Pharmaceuticals (Leukaemia research) and then in medical education (GP continuing training). After struggling to maintain any kind of reasonable work-family life balance, I ended up starting my own science communications company so that I can keep doing what I love and set my own schedule around the children. 

I was brought up to eat healthily and to live in a way that didn’t damage the environment…but must say it was all a lot easier 30 years ago! Whereas previously it was enough to simply cook food yourself from ingredients and live by common sense, now there are so many ways that food is produced, health is supported and the environment is challenged that it is often hard to know what to do. I’ve always valued evidence and research – it’s why I became a scientist – and now I love to use my science-sense to help build a healthy, natural family life.

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